Have you been wishing that our low noise QCL driver technology came in an instrument rather than an OEM package? The wait is over. The new instrument family, complete with intuitive touch screen front panel and remote operation software, is available for shipment in November 2014. The instruments are CE marked and passed additional testing to support the Korean and Japanese markets.

This low noise driver translates to a stable center wavelength, narrow bandwidth, and repeatable scans when used with quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) in material sensing systems.


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How does Wavelength measure bandwidth? What does a square wave setpoint look like after it goes through a frequency limited system? We have addressed these questions with AN-LDTC05. A pure sine wave is used to establish the industry standard 3dB bandwidth specification. Square waves, triangle waves, sawtooths, etc. can be mathematically modeled using Fourier expansions as summations of individual sine waves. The more bandwidth a system has, the more harmonics of the main sine wave are included in the output. The shape of the setpoint signal is preserved only as much as the bandwidth of the system allows.

Frequently, Wavelength’s equipment plays a critical role in a customer’s leading-edge technology. Some clients publish the results of their work.

We now offer a list of these on our new citations page. If you would like to be referenced on our citations page, please contact us.

Be assured that when our presence in your equipment cannot be disclosed because it is a key piece of your competitive advantage, we will never break that confidentiality.

Fall FUN!

Ah, Autumn. Crisp air, a need to pack in as much as possible before the long, dark winter. At Wavelength, we’re busy on all fronts. For some, it’s all about Hallowe’en. “Costumes. Totally costumes. … New this year though, is building a Pepper’s Ghost illusion, using Arduino to control the lights, or Raspberry Pi.”

For others, it’s making of a different sort — forging tools and trinkets at the Northern Rockies Blacksmith Fall Conference.

For many, the outdoors continues to inspire. Hiking when the leaves are changing. Camping, fishing and wake boarding in the Grand Tetons. Perhaps a couple drinks at the Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyoming. Biking the Rails-to-Trails Hiawatha Trail. Celebrating the annual raptor migration at Raptor Fest.

And some of us volunteer our time in a variety of ways: coaching junior high football in Three Forks – Go Wolves!; working with the Eagle Mount Equestrian Program; building a Cardboard Castle to support homeless families through Family Promise.

We invite you to contribute topic suggestions, questions, and general feedback. Wavelength will incorporate as much reader input as possible.
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