QCL OEM with Integrated Temperature Control

The compact, low-noise QCL OEM driver has enabled countless applications with its patented circuitry. The PTC10K-CH, a 10A temperature controller, can be integrated into the QCL OEM package to ensure precision control of the QCL temperature. This combination decreases the total package size. More detail is available here.

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We take pride in being your lowest drama vendor. You receive our products when you want them, they work, and they meet the published specifications. We have worked hard to integrate design, manufacturing, and sales to bring you the best low noise Quantum Cascade & laser diode drivers and temperature controllers. If you’ve wondered how we have established a high-tech electronics firm in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, watch our new video.

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The PLD series of OEM laser diode drivers are the solution for many industries: reliable, safe, feature rich, and easily adapted to specific applications. These are frequently used to drive laser diode bars and stacks. We have released a new Focus on the PLD Series video to detail the pros and cons of the PLD series as you select the best driver for your project. We walk you through setup of the 10A PLD chassis mount driver. The video is also packed full of guidance to make integration easy and safe. Contact an applications engineer if you have questions.

The TC10 and TC5 laboratory grade Temperature Control instruments are ready to ship. With capacities of 10A and 5A at 15V respectively, these leapfrog competitor instruments in many ways: the best temperature stability on the market, ease of use (touchscreen front panel), well thought out remote command set, Active Autotune function, integrated safety features for the active load, USB and Ethernet interfaces. Our new IR SENSOR integrates easily to monitor temperature of liquids and solids remotely, avoiding contact or contamination with the sample.

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