New Products at Photonics West, Booth 4625

The new Temperature Control Instrument (10A or 5A at 15V) will be operating at Photonics West in San Francisco, CA, February 16-18.  Drop by our booth in the Montana Cluster to see it work with the IR temperature sensor that measures liquids and solids remotely (no immersion or epoxy needed!).  The QCL-OEM(+), the reverse polarity Quiet QCL driver, and a hybrid including both QCL driver and a PTC temperature controller will also be available.

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Wavelength products drive high, linear currents from very small packages. One of the integration steps each client takes is to make sure the power supply voltage is low enough to keep the output stages within the Safe Operating Area. We’ve simplified this process with online calculators that draw load lines on the constant power curves defined by each product’s maximum internal power dissipation. Now we’ve created a video showing how to use the calculators for combination laser diode drivers and temperature controllers (LDTC’s) as well as variable ambient temperatures. View the video here.

Case Study: Product Variations Simplify Manufacturing Process

Do you consistently change a WEI standard product during your manufacturing process? Set a potentiometer to a particular value, solder a D-sub to the end of a cable, discard the standard cables for your own? We have created Product Variations that simplify this work. For example, we replace the terminal strips on both the PTC and PLD CH products with headers and solder the mating connector on the standard cables. We frequently pre-configure a limit potentiometer to a particular setting or replace a resistor to change the PTC default trigger voltage or increase the PLD photodiode range up to 25mA. To save money, some customers ask us to ship the products without the metal covers or the standard cables.

If you find your team repetitively changing the configuration to integrate into your design, contact technical support at to see how we can simplify your assembly process.

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