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Academic Research Citations

Listed below is a selection of recent research citations.
These offer an idea of the applications found for Wavelength Electronics components.

Academic research citations are provided for reference purposes. Wavelength Electronics is not responsible for technical content.
FL500Miniature swept source for point of care Optical Frequency Domain Imaging
LDD200 1, 2 OR 3PDental diagnostic clinical instrument ("Canary") development using photothermal radiometry and modulated luminescence
LDD400 1, 2 OR 3PTransmitter with quantum cascade laser for free space optics communication system
LDTC1020A Double FFT Procedure to Improve the Sensitivity of a Tunable Diode Laser Open Path Spectrometer for Sensing Local Atmospheric Gas Concentrations on Mars
LDTC1020A Proposed Robotic Air Quality Monitoring System
LDTC 2-2 E
LDTC 2-2 O
Intuitive, Image-Based Cell Sorting Using Optofluidic Cell Sorting
PLD500Design and Performance of a High-Repetition-Rate Single-Frequency Yb:YAG Microlaser
PLD5K-CHRapid, quantitative, reverse transcription PCR in polymer microfluidic chip
PLD5K-CHSimultaneous Amplification of Multiple DNA Targets with Optimized Annealing Temperatures
WLD3343Dual-Stage Piezoelectric Nano-Positioner Utilizing a Range-Extended Optical Fiber Fabry-Perot Interferometer
WLD3343Investigation Of Key Technology On Portable Raman Spectrometer
WLD3343Spatially Resolved Frequency Domain Phosphorescence Lifetime-Based Oxygen Sensing for Photodynamic Therapy
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