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Wavelength Electronics Inc. Website Privacy Policy

I. General
  Wavelength Electronics Inc. is committed to protecting your personal information. This privacy policy defines the information collected by Wavelength Electronics Inc. and its use of it. This privacy policy covers web pages and downloads from the following sites: www.teamwavelength.com, inside.teamwavelength.com, www.wavelengthelectronics.com and ftp.teamwavelength.com
II. Privacy Information
  Wavelength Electronics Inc. will only collect and use your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and only as is necessary to provide you with the services that you have requested unless you indicate otherwise. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, do not use the sites.
III. Information Collected (the Personal Information)
  A. Automatically Collected User Information
  This includes but is not limited to web page requested, referring page, user IP address, internet browser used and the time and date of the request.
  B. User Submitted Information
  This is information which a user of the website submits to Wavelength Electronics Inc. through online forms. It can include contact information such as name, company, physical address, email address, phone numbers and fax numbers; products of interest; questions about products and application of products.
  C. Cookies
  The Wavelength Electronics Inc. site may use cookies to monitor general site usage to improve your experience. Site usage data is stored in aggregate. An individual's use of the site is not stored.
  D. Newsletter Contact Information
  This is information which a user of the website submits to our newsletter subscription form or is provided to Wavelength verbally or in writing specifically for the purpose of receiving the newsletter. This can include name, company and email address.
IV. Use of Information Collected
  A. Automatically Collected User Information
  This information is used only for analysis of website traffic and to locate errors in the site. This data may be stored indefinitely.
  B. User Submitted Information
  This information is used to answer user questions and provide additional product information. User submitted information is never linked with any automatically collected information. Information submitted to online design calculators is not stored in any way once the calculations are completed.
  C. Cookies
  Information contained in cookies is used to provide increased site functionality and better statistical analysis of web site usage. Wavelength Electronics Inc. only stores a session identifier which allows a set of web page requests to be grouped as one user session for statistical analysis. This data is stored with the automatically collected information and may be stored indefinitely.
  D. Newsletter Subscriptions
  Contact information submitted to Wavelength for the purpose of receiving our newsletter will be used only for the newsletter. If you wish to stop receiving our newsletter at any time you may contact us using any of the methods listed on our Contact Us page, by clicking the unsubscribe link in the newsletter, or by entering your email address on the unsubscribe form.
V. Disclosure of Personal Information
  We will disclose any personal information we have collected if required by law.
  A. Automatically Collected User Information
  This information is not provided to any other entity in its raw format.Statistics generated from this data may be given to third parties that provide services to Wavelength Electronics Inc., but such third parties may not use the information for any other purpose.
  B. User Submitted Information
  This information may be shared with registered Wavelength Electronics Inc. distributors in order to provide a user with better service. Distributors are not allowed to use the information given to them for any purpose not related to Wavelength Electronics Inc. business.
  C. Cookies
  This information is used with the automatically collected information for site analysis and will be disclosed in the same manner.
  D. Newsletter contact information
  Contact information provided for the purpose of receiving the newsletter will not be provided to any other entity. Subscription information is stored for us by our third-party newsletter service. Their privacy policies can be found at their site.
VI. Security Measures
  Any unencrypted data sent over the internet may be read by other parties. At this time no information sent to Wavelength Electronics Inc.ís site through online forms or that is automatically collected is encrypted. Once data is stored by Wavelength Electronics Inc. access to such data is restricted through security measures to authorized personnel, except in the cases listed above under disclosure of personal information.
VII. Links to Third Party Websites
  Any links on Wavelength Electronics Inc.ís site to third parties will not be affected by this privacy policy. Wavelength Electronics Inc. disclaims any and all responsibility and/or liability for any action taken by such other third-party sites and any content contained on such other third-party sites.
VIII. Amendment to Privacy Policy
  Wavelength Electronics Inc. reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time without notice.
IX. User Access to Personal Information
  You may affect the correction and/or removal of any user submitted personal information stored by Wavelength Electronics Inc. by contacting Wavelength Electronics Inc. using any of the methods listed on our Contact Us web page.
X. Use by Children
  None of the features of Wavelength Electronics Inc.ís websites are intended for use by children. If Wavelength Electronics Inc. is made aware that any user submitted information has been submitted by a child it will be deleted. Parents of the child whose information has been collected may contact Wavelength Electronics Inc. using any method on our Contact Us web page to request deletion of this information.
PRIVACY POLICY Copyright © 2008-2017 by Wavelength Electronics, Inc.
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