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IntelliTune: Intelligent Autotune
integrated with the TC LAB Series of Temperature Controllers.

Wavelength’s proprietary IntelliTuneTM algorithm characterizes the TE / Sensor system’s response to the TC LAB temperature controller and then automatically adjusts the PID control values as setpoint, tuning mode, or bias current are changed.
  • Run IntelliTune easily just off ambient and watch the TC LAB instrument adapt the PID settings to a much higher or lower setpoint.
  • After a single characterization scan, explore either optimized Setpoint Response or Disturbance Rejection performance to see what tuning mode works best with your load.
  • Try the system with or without the D term to see if noise reduces stability around the setpoint.

With IntelliTune’s ability to recalculate control values, the temperature controller becomes a tool for speeding up experimental studies. Questions like “What are the best PID control coefficients to use?” can now become “Which mode achieves best stability fastest?” or “Should I use the D term or leave it out?”. These are quickly and easily answered.

We studied the TCLAB with a 3A thermoelectric load to explore what IntelliTune makes possible. For example, the following graphs demonstrate the step response to a change in setpoint. They show time to temperature for two modes - Setpoint Response or Disturbance Rejection - with or without the Derivative control term. All PID control values were automatically generated by IntelliTune after one characterization scan. The complete report can be found HERE. We invite you to try out IntelliTune on your load(s) and see what a time saver it can be.

Tuned; 57.1 seconds to stable temperature
First crossing of setpoint: 21.3 seconds
P=8.214; I= 0.685; D=OFF
Setpoint Response

Tuned, 39.9 seconds to stable temperature
First crossing of setpoint: 19.9 seconds
P = 14.081; I = 1.408; D = 1.594
Setpoint Response

Tuned, 52.2 seconds to stable temperature
First crossing of setpoint: 20.7 seconds
P = 14.081; I = 0.352; D = OFF
Disturbance Rejection

Tuned, 32.0 seconds to stable temperature
First crossing of setpoint: 20.9 seconds
P = 22.295; I = 0.929; D = 2.120
Disturbance Rejection

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