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How can I master/slave WLD3343’s to be used in constant current mode?


The WLD3343 can be used very successfully in a paralleled configuration to double the laser drive current. There are two critical design points to keep in mind: the Safe Operating Area (SOA), and the laser diode type.

  • Input the Series impedance, supply voltage and laser threshold voltage values to the SOA Calculator. Since each WLD will drive one-half of the total current, input the half-current value to the SOA calculator.
  • Determine whether you are using a Type A, B, or Type C laser based on this image. This information is critical in order to know how to properly wire the paralleled WLD drivers.
    Laser Class Schematic

    Laser Class Schematic

  • Finally, download the appropriate schematic:
  • For additional configuration information, be sure to download the WLD3343 Datasheet.