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This has been an exciting year for Wavelength. We released our series of QCL instruments using patented low noise QCL driver electronics. The QCL500 LAB, QCL1000 LAB, QCL1500 LAB, and QCL2000 LAB Laboratory Series instruments are the lowest current noise density instruments available on the commercial market. These instruments have touchscreen interfaces for ease of use and remote operation for central control of any additional QCL LAB instruments you have.

 :We also expanded our facilities this year, doubling our manufacturing capacity to accommodate our growing business and yours. We upgraded our manufacturing facility to excel at manufacturing ever smaller components to support portable, handheld devices and our new series of QCL instruments.

We continue to pursue ever better circuitry and packaging to allow you to push the envelope in your field of research and product development. Licensing the patent for low noise QCL drivers and developing a robust field-deployable controller is one example of how we have enabled precision chemical composition analysis in many markets. And we always provide responsive, knowledgeable technical support. Our goal is to establish a win-win partnership with each and every customer.

Wavelength Electronics designs and manufactures instrument-grade OEM controllers for quantum cascade lasers, diode lasers, and thermal management. If you've spent time on our website, you already know all that. But there's a lot more to Wavelength Electronics that you might not know, so we'll take you behind the scenes. The company was founded in 1993 by two people who weren't satisfied with the laser diode control status quo. We wanted to do things better by simplifying advanced laser diode and thermal control for high-tech OEMs and researchers. More than that, we also wanted to give customers a positive customer experience. So we started Wavelength Electronics with that philosophy at the core of our corporate ethos. It still factors into every decision we make.
It seems to be working, since we regularly receive customer feedback like:
  • "You are setting the customer service bar very high and I only wish our other vendors could follow your lead."
  • "I like that when I call your company, I get a knowledgeable person who can help me right away."
  • "Every time we have placed an order with you, your company has delivered on time."
  • "Your company is great! I needed to customize one of your products and your sales rep walked us through the whole process, and even gave us suggestions that improved on what we originally wanted and saved us money."

You can expect that kind of service, too.


We see our electronics used around the world in national scientific labs, aircraft-mounted atmospheric sensors, particle sizing and counting instruments, medical diagnostic and treatment tools, laser range finders, biomedical applications, NASA labs, telecommunications systems, and our new QCL instrument can be used for remote detection of explosive materials, medical diagnosis using the breath, non-invasive glucose testing, emissions monitoring of the atmosphere or marine environments, and pharmaceutical process quality control.

We understand what it takes to do cutting edge research or launch a new high tech product. We do our own manufacturing, so we understand the challenges OEMs face once products transition to manufacturing. And we understand that you want a partner that you can rely on.

We do things differently—but it's a good difference. We strive to give our customers the kind of service and customer experience we want to receive—prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable.
  • When you call our factory, your Applications Engineer answers the phone right here in Montana. Since they are also engineers, they will answer any questions you may have.
  • You expect quality products that work as advertised, preferably better than advertised. We test all of our products to the specs we publish. We want you to be well aware of how our products will perform with no surprises.

Ugly Tie Day in Sales
  • You expect solid and reliable performance and we deliver. We have RMA rate of less than 0.7%, which is outstanding when compared to the industry average of 5%.
  • You expect on-time delivery in order to keep your research and production costs under control and on time. We track our "Need-By Date" shipping performance and we've been at 100% for more than a decade.
  • You expect us to help save you time and money, since it's the little things that add up to big savings. We stock evaluation boards to make prototyping easier and we can make custom product enhancements at the factory to streamline your manufacturing processes.
  • We know that value is important to you and we go above and beyond to deliver more than just products. We provide superior technical phone support. Our applications engineers can answer your questions in person or by email. We also provide meaningful FAQs, in-depth application and technical notes, and comprehensive datasheets available for free on our website.
  • Just like you, we're never satisfied with "good enough." We drive ourselves to refine, improve, and innovate. We invest in engineering research and apply it to our new and existing products.
  • We never stop supporting our products, even when they have been discontinued. We know that they are integral to your work, so even when we stop manufacturing that product, we continue to help you keep it working, whether that includes calibration or replacement parts.
Bozeman is a great location for our business. Our employees are smart, hardworking, and love living in Big Sky country. While we work hard and take pride in our work at Wavelength, we also play hard and take pride in our community. In addition to our day job, we are artists, athletes, and educators. We give back to our community through local organizations such as the public library, the food bank, and shelters. We also help maintain our beautiful countryside by cleaning up at the dog parks, doing trail maintenance, and participating in local fundraisers.

Our company appreciates the great outdoors and is committed to preserving our clean environment. We pay attention to minimizing our packaging materials, reusing and recycling, and consciously reducing chemical usage.

You can find us at Photonics West every year, and some of us are on LinkedIn. Feel free to call during our business hours, or, if you prefer, email us any time. We hope you have the opportunity to experience Wavelength Electronics, and we look forward to hearing from you.
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