High Precision, Ultra Stable
Temperature Controllers & Laser Diode Drivers
High Precision, Ultra Stable
Temperature Controllers & Laser Diode Drivers
Total Laser Diode Control via USB
Use the USBKIT with the LDTCxx20 Driver for complete laser system control. The USBKIT includes a bus-powered USB 2.0 interface and QuickConnect™ virtual control panel for out-of-the-box functionality. Featuring:
* 500 mA or 1 A laser current
* 2.2 A TEC current
* Remote setpoint control
* Graphing and data logging
* On-screen wiring diagrams
* Constant Current or Constant Power
* Program customization
Precision USB Laser Diode Control
Now you can leverage your low-noise, high-stability Wavelength Electronics laser diode control system with the budget-friendly USBKIT interface board and software package. The QuickConnect™ virtual control panel provides out-of-the-box functionality. The strip chart graphs show real-time laser system status and selected raw data can be saved to a text file. The bus-powered USB 2.0 interface board is easily wired using onboard screw terminals.
Efficient, 5A PWM Temperature Control
The new WTCP PWM Temperature Controller is now available for Beta release. This 5A, 5V thermoelectric controller combines high efficiency Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) control with excellent temperature stability, rivaling that of our linear controllers. Portable, airborne, and other space-constrained temperature control applications are ideal places to use the WTCP.
WTCPEVAL -- Designed for Easy Integration
The available WTCPEVAL evaluation circuit board includes everything needed to quickly configure the WTCP for a wide range of applications and load conditions. The onboard feedback loop adjustment switches simplify tuning, and dramatically reduce your development time.
Compact PCB-Mount Temp Control to 10 A
The PTC Temperature Controller is now available as a PCB-mounted component, and provides outstanding 0.0012°C stability with thermistors. Both onboard and remote control capability are provided, and for maximum versatility a wide variety of temperature sensors can be used. The robust safety features you expect from a Wavelength temperature controller are designed in.
PLD12500 -- Smaller Package, Higher Performance
A new compact heatsink and fan shroud improve the internal heat dissipation capability of the PLD12500. This 12.5 A driver couples high-reliability architecture with a robust high-current output stage. The PLD12500 can drive lasers with compliance voltage as high as 27.5 V, and includes laser safety features designed to protect your laser investment and enhance system reliability.
PTC10K-CH - Compact 10 A Temperature Control
Both the Wavelength Electronics PLD Laser Diode Driver and the PTC Temperature Controller Series offer high precision control and excellent stability in a compact, chassis mount package. Advanced safety features include current limits, slow start, and ESD protection. Ideal for applications where stability is critical and space is tight.
PLD12.5K-CH - Compact 12.5 A Linear Laser Diode Driver
The PLD-CH Chassis Mount Series now has a 12.5 A model - the PLD12.5K-CH - to support fiber-coupled lasers used in such applications as medical, dental, micro-machining, material processing, semiconductor inspection, and imaging. The PLD-CH Series safety features include: slow start circuit, mechanical shorting relay, and active current limit.
NEW! RHM5K-CH: Precision Unipolar Temperature Control
Compact, Low Cost PID Control
Stability < 0.003°C
Output to 5 A, 5-30 V.
Ideal for unipolar applications requiring either heating or cooling (but not both), the RHM5K-CH drives thermoelectrics or resistive heaters, and is compatible with most sensors. Safety features include adjustable voltage limit to protect the load.
HTC Series Low-Profile Temperature Controllers
The advanced and reliable circuitry of the HTC series achieves 0.0009°C temperature stability. Its low profile package is ideal for designs with space constraints. The linear, PI control loop offers maximum stability while the bipolar current source has been designed for higher efficiency. Available in 1.5 A, 3 A, and 4 A models.
Compact SMT Dual-Channel Laser Driver
The PCB-mounted FL500 drives two independent 250 mA lasers or one 500 mA laser in Constant Current mode. Current limit, slow start, and brownout protection help ensure stable and robust long-term operation of your laser system. The FL500 can be battery-powered, and the small package fits easily in your portable hardware. The FL591 Evaluation Board simplifies prototyping; use the FL593 to USB control the FL500.
FL591FL -- Easily Control Hand-Held Portable Laser Systems
The FL591FL allows you to easily prototype your laser system using our popular FL500 laser diode driver. The FL591FL can drive a single 500 mA output, or two 250 mA independent outputs in Constant Current or Constant Power modes. It features low noise electronics, low quiescent current, and feedback/monitor signals to accurately characterize your laser.
Improved WTC3243 - Simple Temperature Control
The WTC3243 Temperature Controller drives up to 2.2 A and can stabilize to 0.0009°C. Recent improvements provide greater stability as the load temperature is scanned across ambient.
Fast Temperature Control Circuit Prototyping
Use the WTC3293 Evaluation Board to rapidly prototype a complete temperature control system using the ultrastable WTC3243 Temperature Controller. Drive current to a thermoelectric or resistive heater and control temperature using thermistors, 100 Ω Platinum RTDs or linear temperature sensors such as the LM335 or the AD590. Onboard switches, connectors, and trimpots make configuration and operation simple.
Improved WLD3343 - Simple Laser Diode Control
The WLD3343 Laser Diode Driver sources up to 2.2 A precision current for laser diodes; now with lower noise and compatible with VCSELs. Laser diode safety circuits include current limit and current ramp with delay. Variations of the WLD3343 up to 3 A are available.
WLD3393 - Fast Laser Control System Prototyping
The updated WLD3343 Compact Laser Diode Driver sources up to 3 A, with lower noise and no leakage current, and can be modulated up to 2 MHz. Safety features and scaleable maximum output current make the WLD3343 ideal for VCSELs. The convenient WLD3393 Evaluation Board employs onboard controls to operate the WLD3343, saving you time and money by streamlining your prototyping efforts.
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